Hi, I’m Jimmy

I created LeadsMonger

I’m a daggy dad, annoying husband and successful affiliate marketer. When I’m not working, I love to surf (or watch Netflix until I enter a vegetative state).

What’s my story?

The first time I got a credit card I was in college.

It was shiny and new and had a limit of $1000.

I didn’t actually use it much and I was good at paying it off, which is probably why I was offered an increase in the limit the next year…

Up to $5000.

I was rich!

(Yeah, I was stupid back then)

I kept on top of this one too…

Up to $10,000.

I was good with that…


They kept giving me more and I didn’t know why, but I kept taking it.

I fantasized about being some kind of young tycoon with a limitless ‘black’ credit card – flashing it round to adoring ‘groupies’…

(Like I said… stupid)

But that’s the way it was.

A few years later I got upgraded to Platinum and then I applied for a couple more cards for good measure.

I had a MasterCard, two Visas and an AMEX.

It didn’t look like it was ever going to end.

Total limits: $55,000. Age: 23. Priceless.

It was somewhere about this time that I got a great job and I started to use them.

I thought, “Hey, I’m earning the big bucks so why not spend up?!”

I bought furniture, clothes, watches, fine food…

I traveled. I went to clubs…

No worries. Put it on the card.

I was even paying more than my minimum repayments.

I could afford it. For a while.

I can’t remember what it was that made me realize the extent of my spending, but it suddenly clicked.

The monthly minimum payments now seemed pretty steep and I noticed how much interest I was paying.

It shocked me and I tried to reel it in.

It was going great, too.

But then the inevitable happened.

Work downsized and I was made redundant at the grand old age of 25.

How could this happen to me?

I was ‘on my way’.

Success was a sure thing…

But life doesn’t work that way.

Without warning it became impossible to meet my repayments and I had to beg my parents to pay the cards off for me.

They were reasonable about it and gave me a loan.

$30,000 later I was back to square one.

(At least with the banks – I would still have to pay back the loan to my folks at some stage. Somehow.)

In a few months I had another job and I was getting paid well again.

Stupidly (it’s a recurring theme) I didn’t cancel those cards when I paid them off.

They burned a hole in my pocket and while I resisted them for a while, they were always there, haunting me.

With a $30,000 debt hanging over my head I wanted to do something to  get back in the black with my folks quickly.

So, I turned to Google to get some ideas and was bombarded with overnight success stories and sales pages. I figured it would be a cinch to make it work for me.


I bought everything.

Bright. Check.

Shiny. Check.

New. Check.

I even made a few bucks here and there.

For a while I thought I’d found the pot of gold while I was promoting ‘questionably legal’ drugs with Adwords…

Until my AdWords account was suspended.


I was a ‘golden’ customer, but a hopeless marketer.

I subscribed to all the ‘gurus’.

I bought the Up-Sells, OTOs, Premium Memberships and Limited Time Master Resale Rights…

I believed the hype.

And about this time I got married and bought a house.

I was actually shocked when the bank said yes to the loan application.

My deposit was legit though.

I’d been busy saving on one hand while spending on credit on the other.

I thought they might look at my credit card limits and say, ‘no way buddy’.

But maybe they saw my spending habits and started rubbing their hands together.

I probably looked like a guaranteed interest income stream for them.

For the next 12 months I didn’t think much about internet marketing.

I had another good job.

My wife and I bought furniture, clothes, watches, fine food…

We traveled. We went to clubs…

No worries. Put it on the card.



It only took 12 months to max out my cards.


I still had about $10,000 left on the books with my parents.

And a mortgage with the bank.

Fortunately, my bank said yes to a refinance and cleared my credit card debts.


$10,000 owed to parents.

$40,000 refinance added to mortgage.

Not so priceless anymore.

I was back to a full contingent of credit again, but I was worried.

My spending habits were obviously out of control but I didn’t have any plans to curb them, so I went back to internet marketing chasing ‘instant riches’!

I remembered my dream of making it big online so I dusted off all those old eBooks, software programs and memberships. I couldn’t get my AdWords account back, but there was always Bing and Facebook and PoF.

I mean, I now had a big credit limit available again!

It didn’t work though.

No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get any of the ‘guaranteed’ methods I’d bought to bring any money in.

I’d work on them furiously for a week.

Sometimes two!



Making money overnight sitting on the beach or at home in my PJs wasn’t happening.

I felt ripped off. Scammed. Used. Tricked. Manipulated.

And then I started noticing that lots of people were struggling to make money online.

It wasn’t just me.

On forums it was the most popular complaint.

So I gave it away.


But I didn’t give away my dream of instant riches.

No siree!

Obviously internet marketing was a dead-end, but the interwebs were full of other great advice about ‘foolproof’ ways to make money quickly.

So I tried my hand at blackjack.

With over $50,000 in unpaid debt hanging over my head I wanted to make that money back fast.

Maybe it was ‘Rainman’ or ‘21’ or some stupid movie that brainwashed me but I actually believed that the ‘guaranteed’ betting systems I found online would work.

It seemed so easy.

“Beat the dealer and live like James Bond.”

My most recent adventure in internet marketing hadn’t eaten up all my credit so I used my cards to bankroll my new mission.

Seriously. I was completely, moronically, hopelessly, unrepentantly stupid.

I lost $50,000 in 90 days.

Total accumulated credit card debt: $100,000.

Miraculously my wife didn’t kick me out when I confessed to what I’d done, but she forced me to cut up my cards.


Still, I had to sell our house to pay off my debts and we moved in with my parents for a while.

I was married with two kids living at home again. I felt like a total failure.

My wife was angry and miserable.

My marriage was on the rocks and looked pretty wrecked.

I was truly repentant.


The vision of success that had driven me to do so many stupid things still wasn’t extinguished.

It kept me up nights.

It haunted me during the day.

I had no house, no savings, no independence.

Only an unrelenting dream.

And wisdom.


I worked and saved and moved back into a little rental house with my family.

I exercised. I ate well. I slept well. I prayed.

I put my life back together again.

I rescued my marriage.

Then I went back to internet marketing with a totally different mindset and no credit to waste on stupid things.

I wasn’t interested in buying any eBooks, joining any membership sites or ‘investing’ in any software.

I didn’t care about any gurus.

Forums didn’t interest me in the slightest.

I only cared about working out what kind of system I could implement that could turn my passion, my time, my money, my effort and my creativity into serious money.

I didn’t care about doing it quickly.

I just wanted to succeed.

I wanted to make a life for myself as a successful marketer with a successful, sustainable online business.

So I went back to basics.

I bought a stack of legal pads and found a pencil and I started writing my thoughts, ideas, problems, successes, failures and inspirations.

I went into detail on every aspect of internet marketing I could remember from everything I learned over the years.

I considered the internet – what was it all about? What did people do online? Why did they visit this site or that site and how was it making money?

I got a library card and read everything I could about marketing and persuasion.

Those legal pads filled up quickly and I bought more.

I kept doing this for over a year.

And something was forming in my mind and taking shape on each page as I scrawled notes across it.

I drew diagrams.

I mind mapped.



Connecting the dots everywhere – sales, traffic, conversions, copywriting, websites, domains, marketing, advertising, product creation and email.

I read up on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Clickbank and everything else.

I was a machine.

I was making connections.

Things were becoming clear.

Making money online wasn’t everything I had always thought it was.

There were ‘rules’ and ‘principles’ that formed a foundation for succeeding in this business. It was more than websites and traffic.

That’s when I went back to the forums, back to the gurus, back to the new shiny things. But they looked different now.

The picture I had in front of me – on my notepads – didn’t fit the crimson path illustrated on the sales pages.

And it dawned on me…

Most people don’t get the big picture!

Most would-be internet marketers have a pile of puzzle pieces lying in front of them and they’re busy sorting through them trying to make some kind of sense of it, but they don’t have the box with the picture on the front.

Without the box they don’t know how to put the whole puzzle TOGETHER.

That’s why when someone offers to show them how PART of the puzzle looks, they jump at it and take out their credit card to sign up to some new, new thing.

And get led astray.

What’s Your Story?

Maybe you’ve bought a lot of internet marketing products?

Seriously. How much money have you spent on new product launches only to find you can’t make it work?

If you’re lucky (actually, I think you’re unlucky) you find a few pieces that fit together.

You buy a course that actually works and makes you a few dollars.

(For a while)

You might even scale what you’re doing and make even more money.

(For a while)

Inevitably, somewhere on the horizon you get hit with a ‘Google slap’, an algorithm change, an AdWords suspension, a hacker or blackhatter, spam complaint, PayPal account freeze, the product you’re promoting becomes obsolete, the offer closes, the traffic source dries up or the affiliate program you’re using gets shut down…

Or you just get bored, or frustrated, or frightened.

It could be anything.

The point is, the strategy you’re using stops working effectively.

You stop making money.

Maybe you get ready to give up.

Internet marketing is a puzzle

When was the last time you did a challenging jigsaw puzzle?

Understanding internet marketing or making money online is a puzzle. But it’s not like a jigsaw puzzle where you get the picture on the front of the box. It’s like a puzzle that only comes in pieces and it’s not until you put all those pieces together that you know what it is you’re looking at.

Putting a complex puzzle together actually involves as much time spent on strategy and sorting as connecting the pieces.

This is where I see so much error when it comes to internet marketing.

People are jumping into this or that without giving much thought to whether it fits in the big picture.

I could show you how to ‘make money online’ in a heartbeat.

I could give you a link to an online survey site. You could sign up there, start filling out surveys and get paid. You’d be making money online.

If surveys aren’t your thing I could show you how to buy things cheap to sell on eBay. You’d make a profit doing this, easy. You’d be making money online.

I could show you how to create a blog targeting low competition/high traffic keywords then create a PBN and climb to the first page of Google. You could then slap AdSense ads on that thing and you’d be making money online.

But here’s the thing…

If the survey site shuts down, if someone starts undercutting you on eBay or if Google changes its algorithm (again) your income will dry up overnight.

I don’t think your vision of ‘making money online’ equates to ‘making-a-bit-of-money-online-for-a-while-and-then-going-broke’.

I don’t think you imagine a life where you’re constantly banging your head against the wall because you can’t rely on your next pay check.

(You could get a menial job if you wanted to live like that)

I think I know something about you

I think you want the freedom to work from home on projects you want to work on, the way you want to work on them, with the income to support yourself and your family well into the future.

Filling out surveys all day long isn’t going to do it for you.

Listing, packing and posting cheap headphones on eBay isn’t right.

Writing article after article on ‘best mesothelioma lawyers in Florida’ for an AdSense blog is just plain wrong.

(Maybe you’ve done all those things – I have)

You need to find a business model that you’ll enjoy pouring your blood, sweat and tears into – a business that’ll give you satisfaction!

That’s what I wanted.

Think about what you really want – lifestyle wise.

Think about it carefully and be totally honest with yourself.

See yourself living the dream. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it. And immerse yourself in the emotions you experience living that life.

The reason I’ve created LeadsMonger is because I want you to have a good understanding of why you want to make money online.

Almost everyone fails online because they don’t know what they really want, why they really want it, and how to get what they really want for the right reason.

How Does The Story End?

No offence, but I sincerely doubt you’ve actually got what it takes to build a successful, sustainable internet marketing business – one that will earn you the kind of money you dream about or enable you to live the kind of lifestyle you really desire.

If you did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

See, my entire intention in creating LeadsMonger is to find you and give you the truth – that you’re not cut out for internet marketing.


Not until you discover what’s really holding you back.

Not until you get over it.

Not until you change.

The truth is that you can succeed.

And I can help you.

I can help you overcome whatever it is that’s keeping you from achieving your wildest dreams.

I can help you earn all the money you want.

I can help you achieve your dream.

If that’s what you want.

If you’re serious.

I am.

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